Capabilities & Methodologies



Our vast workforce is available to you swiftly:

  • A full-time pool of over 6,000 telephone researchers and 15,000 face-to-face researchers.
  • Telephone research teams exclusively made up of native speakers for the best quality in data collection.
  • Close to 55,000 assessors for any kind of mystery shopping in Europe.


  • Multilingual specialists.
  • Moderators, recruiters and Translators are experts within the industry vertical (i.e. Healthcare, IT…)
  • All of EFGs facilitators speak English in addition to their native language to better communicate and understand your requirements.

We have extensive domestic and international technical resources to meet your research needs

For your quantitative fieldwork:

  • 2,750 CATI stations most of which are equipped with Predictive Dialing, which translates into a major productivity increase for your fieldwork. This increase is made possible by high-speed bandwidth for CATI or CAWI projects (telephone research conducted through an online interface).
  • 1,500 laptops for CAPI and WebCAPI projects.
  • Servers with VCC (Virtual Command Center) technology centralize the management and control of your global telephone fieldwork.
  • Servers to host and manage your online surveys.

For your Qualitative research:

  • A global network of 115 facilities provided by EFG that meet the needs of your qualitative projects
    (one-way window, video, Focusvision™ video-transmission, simultaneous interpreting).
  • A globally centralized reservation system for room availability: WFG (World Focus Group). Created in 2007, it even works for the discerning market research company that wants to use their in-house staff to direct focus group meetings on a global scale.

Through our ability to mobilize, manage and coordinate seasoned international field teams with expertise in large, long-term projects, EFG can guarantee the implementation of any type of study – simple or complex; one-off or tracking.

Methodologies covered include:

EFG owns and operate a state-of-the-art telephone center, located in Paris, with 610 CATI stations and native-speakers covering all of Western and Eastern Europe.
Our 400 CATI stations facility in Morocco covers the entire Middle East as well as most of Africa.
In Asia and South America, each of EFGs partners provides experienced teams of interviewers logging in directly through our VCC (Virtual Command Center), allowing for full control and management of interviewers, programming and quotas.

In each country, interviewers are sorted by specialization for each target type (B2B, B2C, physicians, C-levels) and by industry (Medical, IT, Finance): Door-to-Door Interviews , Business Location Interviews, CLT interviews, Mall/Street-Intercepts.

EFG has an extensive inventory of laptops and tablets in every country for conducting CAPI or WebCAPI studies.

Online Research:
EFG has invested a lot of resources to provide our clients with safe, reliable and representative data collected online through online panels, telephone recruit-to-web or CAWI methodologies. Our latest CATI technology offers the convenience of mixed-mode studies, allowing respondents to choose between completing the survey over the phone with our interviewer or doing it online independently or on their smartphones!

Mystery Shopping:
EFG coordinates specialized networks for mystery shopping across the globe.

With EFGs human presence on the ground and its vast technical resources worldwide, the success of your ethnos, focus groups, in-depth interviews and more, is guaranteed!

Primary research methods consist of:

  • Online/offline Focus Groups, Mini groups, and Triads,
  • In-Home User Test
  • Online Bulletin-Boards and Diaries
  • Gang Surveys,
  • In-Depth and Semi-Directive Interviews (Face-to-Face or Phone),
  • Semantic Analysis,
  • Ethnological Studies, including Friendship Groups

EFG puts its international network of focus group facilities, WFG, and its translation services at your disposal, allowing you to benefit from our long-time partners’ specific experience in your field of research (Medical, IT, Finance, etc.).