Research Objectives

An oil company launched a new mobile platform in 10 global markets. The oil company would like to revolutionize and enhance the driving experience for motorist. The mobile app will allow the user with up-to-date information on the company’s loyalty offers, rewards, on site promotions, the latest news, and product information.

Furthermore, the mobile app will make it easier for users to collect points, receive personalized offers, find the nearest gas stations, and even help maintain their vehicles in top shape by receiving service reminders on their mobile phone.

The main objective of the study was to tract motorist’s daily emotional well-being and monitor their driving on every journey based on speed, acceleration, and breaking for a two-week period.


Netherlands, Germany

Audience and Industry

Motorists who are 18 to 64 years old.


The motorists were recruited via telephone. A total of 10 were recruited.

The motorists were required to wear an activity tracker arm band to detect their daily emotions and monitor their driving performance through an app installed in their mobile phone. The activity tracker arm band allowed EFG to monitor’s motorist emotions throughout the day through bio signals; blood pressure and heart rate. In addition, the mobile app installed in the motorist’s mobile phone provided EFG data on the motorist driving speed, trip distance, destinations, and breaking.

Do’s and Don’ts

Ensure you recruit sensible and responsible motorists! You don’t want to recruit a motorist who thinks he/she drives like Mario Andretti – that is a No-No! Stay away from potential recruits whose caffeine intake includes 3 or more expressos a day – their heart rate will shoot through the roof!  And how did EFG recruit such responsible motorists? Simple, we ask for their official driving record – ha! In all seriousness, asking anyone for their official driving record is illegal.

Challenges / Thinking outside the box…

The challenges that presented EFG were on the technical side. Before going to field, the 3 mobile apps that were required to be downloaded by the respondent from a specific website did not work. There were downloading issues. Also the respondents were not able to receive online communications from the moderator. This was resolved by the client’s technical staff where they assigned the apps by respondent’s email addresses.

Personal Learnings and Key Take-Away.

The rule of thumb, when technology is utilized, expect the unexpected! Allot sufficient time to ensure all technology is in order and if not, always best to have an experienced technical team member by your side!

  • Project Title Gas Stations – Fitbit Tracker
  • Category Innovation
  • Client Details Automobile
  • Project Type Consumers Habits